Scandinavian haute joaillerie

The Scandinavian fine jewellery brand TOWE was founded in 1999 by Swedish contemporary high-end Jeweller, GIA gemmologist and Master of Fine Arts Towe Norlen.

Before creating her own brand, Towe Norlen worked in Geneva for a number of fine jewellers such as Harry Winston and Piaget, as well as for Sotheby’s.

Towe Norlen’s design is hallmarked by an incomparable purity of form, and is resolutely avant-garde in its expression. Briefly, it embodies the characteristic features of the Scandinavian jewellery heritage. Towe Norlen’s avant-garde design is the result of her, perhaps counterintuitive but surprisingly fertile, idea of merging jewellery with insights from biological science, which explores the magic of how nature has designed the living world. In cooperation with her husband, Professor of Dermatology, Towe Norlen has spent years researching how the underlying principles behind nature’s living design may be merged with jewellery design. As an example, the unique ’Silk’-pattern, recognised in several of Towe Norlen’s jewellery designs, actually reflects the microscopic shape of perfect human skin.

All gem-set TOWE objects are handicrafted in one of the world’s finest jewellery workshops in Geneva, being one of a selected few true ‘haute joaillerie’ workshops existing in the world. Haute joaillerie denotes the most exclusive jewellery design- and craftsmanship tradition. The production of a haute joaillerie item often requires hundreds of hours and involves a number of highly specialised craftsmen. Today, haute joaillerie is only mastered in a few ultra-specialised workshops in Geneva and Paris.

Towe Norlen has also innovated high-end jewellery manufacturing. In fact, she invented, and patented in 2003, the new jewellery production technique ‘gold laser-sintering’ that is increasingly used in top-end jewellery manufacturing.


Towe Norlén